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Chat with Carlos Over a Tropical Burrito at Don Julio’s Latin Grill and Pupusas

July 22, 2015 4:46 pm

Some Rohnert Park customers come to Don Julio's Latin Grill and Pupusas as much for the company as the cuisine. Carlos, the son of the husband-wife duo who owns the relatively new restaurant, typically mans the dining room. Locals say he exudes a warmth that immediately sets you at ease, and he's always happy to help you pick a dish or explain something on the menu. Meanwhile, his mother works in the back to craft the fresh fare that customers so dearly love.

Unsurprisingly, that popular cuisine includes the pupusas. They're almost akin to tacos, built on a foundation of fresh corn tortillas, but the red salsa and traditional slaw (known as Curtido) set them apart. Order yours stuffed with pork, chicken, or beans, or opt for the more exotic pupusa filled with a veggie from El Salvador. Patrons also praise the tropical burritos, which take traditional Mexican burritos (also on the menu) and add some flair.

Don Julio's Latin Grill and Pupusas
217 Southwest Boulevard
Rohnert Park, CA
(707) 242-3160

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Stylish Storage Solutions for Arts and Crafts Supplies

July 15, 2015 4:05 pm

Whether you’re an avid crafter or your children are often doing art projects at home, you know how difficult it can be to find storage space for all of those paints, markers, fabrics, crayons, and other supplies. Here are just a few stylish ways that you can keep your arts and crafts supplies neatly organized until your next DIY project.

Mason Jar Storage System [redtri.com]
Turn your storage solution into an art project in itself. This colorful DIY idea involves covering old mason jars in fun, pattered washi tape, then using those jars to store everything from markers to paint brushes and even loose buttons.

Kids’ Craft Apron [www.bhg.com]
If your child has trouble keeping his or her craft supplies together while doing a project, you can make this simple apron as your next family art project. Simply take an old gardening apron, use the belt to tie it to the side of your child’s crafting table, and fill the spacious pockets with all of the essentials.

Hanging Storage Bins [apartmenttherapy.com]
Screw a metal rod from any home goods store into your wall, then attach S-shaped hooks and hang bins in all sizes from each hook. You can use these to keep your art supplies within reach but off of your tabletop.

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Sonoma Canopy Tours: Cruise Through the Treetops of Californian Redwoods

July 8, 2015 3:21 pm

The zipline may have originally been invented for scientists who wanted to venture deeper into the jungle than had been possible previously, but that's not how Sonoma County Tours sees it today. The tour company near Rohnert Park converts the once strictly scientific mode of transportation into recreation for its guests.

That's not to say you won't learn something on a treetop tour. After all, you'll be zooming through the flourishing leaves of California's majestic redwood trees, which are an integral part of both the history and habitat of the state. Go for the Redwood Walk (starting at the Welcome Center) before your zipline tour to delve even deeper into the trees' importance. Then go get harnessed in for your journey, which includes 10 zips at varying speeds (the fastest at 25 miles per hour). Even guests with a fear of heights have come to enjoy the treetop tour by the time they reach the final platform.

Sonoma Canopy Tours
6250 Bohemian Highway
Occidental, CA 95465

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